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Personal On-Site Support


  • $50/hr*


Personal Remote Support


  • $40/hour*

  • $60/month remote support plan, up to 3 hrs per month

  • $40/hr ea. add’l hr of remote support beyond included 3 hrs per month


Business Maintenance Plan (1 Year)


$500 for up to 5 computers monthly for a full year:


  • Ensure all the latest critical OS and browser-related security updates are installed


Optimize systems for speed, including:


  • Clean out all temporary files wasting space and slowing down productivity

  • Disable unnecessary programs running at start-up that slow you down, leaving critical ones untouched

  • Defragment the hard drive(s) to speed up overall performance


Business On-Site Support


  • $75/hour*

  • $525/month service agreement including 8 hours of onsite support per month ($75 savings)!


Business Remote Support


  • $60/hour*

  • $400/month remote support plan, up to 8 hrs per month ($80 savings)!

  • $60/hr ea. add’l hr of remote support beyond included 8 hrs per month

Data Recovery


Our rates are $100 for standard and $200 for complex recoveries, while extremely complex recoveries will be $300. Most of the time we can do the standard recovery unless the hard drive has crashed or has been erased, in which case we must run recovery programs for many hours to recover data (this is the complex recovery). If we have to take more extreme steps such as freezing the drive or taking it apart and such in order to retrieve data, that would be considered the extremely complex recovery. $50 is due upfront for making the effort to recover, yet if the hard drive is completely unrecoverable, we will only charge this fee.


Social Media Campaign


Put your business name out there! We make it easy to establish connections, increase communication, and publicize your latest updates to the masses. Steadily build Facebook likes and get your tweets and blogs followed with our knowledgeable assistance today for only $50 per week. This includes up to 10 updates to all the major social networks each week. Higher volumes of updates can be negotiated.


Website Design


Establish your presence on the web! Professionally designed, easy-to-manage sites are necessary these days to give clients and prospects an informational portal to refer to and promote sales and/or donations. From standard sites to more complex designs with numerous pages, contact us for a very reasonable quote.



* Please note that for all hourly on-site and remote support, there is a minimum charge of half the hourly rate for service that takes 30 minutes or less.

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